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                               GLASS FUSING COURSES AND WORKSHOPS


Glass painting is an age-old craft originating from the renaissance and medieval era's. It has been quietly passed down, from master to apprentice, for hundreds of years. Give yourself the freedom of adding another dimension to your stained glass designs.

Glass painting private workshop


You will learn techniques and skills of the professional stained glass painter. These include but are not limited to:


* mixing of glass paint


* under painting


* line work   ( trace lines )


*  matting  ( multi layers of shading )


Your work will then be kiln fired, binding the paint to the glass, to procure pieces that will last lifetimes.


This private workshop runs for two days from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

The fee is $295.00 + H.S.T and includes all necessary materials. 



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